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We would like to inform you that as of January 1st, there will be an adjustment in our prices. Esta decisión nos permite seguir ofreciendo soluciones en salud reproductiva de alta calidad y brindarles el mejor servicio posible. We deeply value your trust and want to be transparent about these changes.

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  • FertySod

    FertySod, with TetraSod, the most powerful antioxidant* for male fertility
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  • FertyBiotic Pregnancy B+

    The first nutraceutical designed for your pregnancy after ß+ | Note: the color of the capsule and of the diluted product have been modified, as well as the size of the case, stick and capsules, in favor of the improvement of the product. On the other hand, due to differences in composition, the shelf life of the powder is 36 months and of the capsules 24 months. The best before date indicated on the outer box corresponds to that of the capsules (as it is the limiting one).
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  • FertyBiotic Woman

    FertyBiotic Woman is the first nutraceutical with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and probiotics that helps to achieve an adequate nutritional status in women with reproductive desire.
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  • FertyBiotic Mujer Plus

    FertyBiotic Woman Plus

    FertyBiotic Woman Plus the first nutraceutical with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and probiotics, which helps to achieve an adequate nutritional status in women of reproductive age with alterations in the menstrual and / or metabolic cycle.
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  • FertyBiotic Balance

    FertyBiotic Balance

    FertyBiotic BALANCE is a supplement based on oral probiotics that promotes embryo implantation in women.
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  • FertyBiotic Man

    FertyBiotic Man is the ideal and unique nutraceutical that contains minerals, antioxidants and probiotics of the highest quality to meet the nutritional requirements of men of childbearing age.
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  • FertyBiotic Restore

    FertyBiotic Restore

    FertyBiotic RESTORE is a supplement based on oral probiotics that promotes sperm quality in men.
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  • FertyBiotic Pregnancy

    FertyBiotic Pregnancy is the first nutraceutical that combines vitamins, minerals and probiotics that helps to cover the additional requirements of ideal nutrients during pregnancy and lactation.
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  • FertyCare

    Capture the golden hour of fertility with FertyCare, the first nutraceutical to help slow ovarian aging.
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  • FertyNina

    The only melatonin with folate to boost fertility.
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