Fertility Webinars

Fertypharm organises free webinars for all fertility specialists to keep them informed of all the latest developments in the sector.

The new era of probiotics in fertility Are you joining the change?

Latest advances in fertility treatments with three leading speakers from the world of fertility: Dr. Inmaculada Moreno, Dr. Isidoro Bruna and Dr. Juan Antonio García.

Oral Probiotics in

Learn about the approach to assisted reproduction processes with the administration of oral probiotics with Dr. Vicente Navarro.

Adding value to fertility treatments

How we can address the needs of patients undergoing fertility treatments with the most appropriate formulation with Dr. Dalia Moreno.

The emotional rollercoaster of fertility

How fertility treatments affect patients and how we can help them by offering them as many resources and treatments as possible with Elisa Saló and Dr. José Luís Gómez.