Pharmacogenetics for a personalised assisted reproduction treatment.

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What is Fertypharm Test intended for?

Fertypharm Test analyses the Polymorphism in the FSH receptor gene, specifically the N680S variant.

How does the test contribute to my fertility process?

Fertypharm Test allows you to choose the most adequate dosage and the most effective type of gonadotropin in controlled ovarian stimulation.

Fertypharm Test reduces the search time of the ideal protocol for each patient and improves the effectiveness of the Assisted Reproduction treatments, optimizing the number of cycles. Besides, it helps to reduce the emotional stress and improves the safety and the well-being of the patient.
A simple saliva or blood sample provides additional information to the physician, which lets him or her adjust the hormone treatment and adds information on the most effective type of hormone.
The test provides additional information to the usual markers of ovarian reserve such as AMH (Anti-Müllerian hormone) and AFR (antral follicle counts).
A data every time more relevant is to obtain the genetic profile of the patient in the decision-making for the best treatment.
The FSH receptor gene is expressed in a way that allows predicting whether the patient will be high, normal or low responder, depending on the responsiveness to FSH receptors, regardless its ovarian response.
Three types of response are distinguished:

  • SS-Low response- higher HP-FSH responsiveness.
  • NS-Normal response- higher rFSH responsiveness.
  • NN-High response- indistinct use of FSH.

How is the test conducted?

It is only necessary to take a blood sample, as in any routine analysis, or a saliva sample, as shown below. Please, click here to download instruction manual for the sample collection.

Who can have this test?

It is highly recommended that the patients, who are undergoing a controlled ovarian stimulation, do the Fertypharm Test.

Fertypharm Test allows you to choose the most adequate dosage and the most effective type of gonadotropin in controlled ovarian stimulation, so it is a recommended test in any case where a patient is undergoing a controlled ovarian stimulation. Thanks to the test, chances of success will increase.
In addition, it is recommended, even more, in patients classified as sub-optimal or with low ovarian reserve and for those patients who have undergone one or more unsuccessful assisted reproduction treatment (ART).

I would like to undergo the test myself, what should I do?

You should ask your gynaecologist or fertility specialist, as the interpretation of the results and the prescription of the treatment depend on him or her.
Should you have any questions or need more information, you can contact us and we will provide you and your physician with all the support and information needed.

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