Fertypharm Test is the first genetic test used to predict the response to the hormone stimulation treatment and to define and the most effective gonadotropin in women undergoing controlled ovarian stimulation. Fertypharm Test incorporates two markers that allow to know better the sensitivity of the patient and to increase the response to the treatment. Two markers in a single analysis.

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What is Fertypharm Test for?

Fertypharm Test analyses, on the one hand, the polymorphism in the FSHR gene determining the type and dose of FSH gonadotropin that is most appropriate and, on the other hand, the W8R and I15T polymorphisms in the LHB gene that allow a better understanding of the patient’s sensitivity to LH and whether it increases, or not, the response to treatment.

How does the test contribute to my fertility process?

Fertypharm Test allows you to choose the most adequate dosage and the most effective type of gonadotropin in controlled ovarian stimulation.

The information provided by the usual markers of ovarian reserve such as AMH (antimullerian hormone) and AFR (antral follicle count) provide information on the woman’s ovarian reserve. However, in a high percentage of patients, the markers do not ensure the success of achieving an efficient COS, because there is a high individual variability among patients.

Obtaining the genetic profile is a relevant information in the decision making for the best stimulation treatment. The FSH receptor gene is expressed in a way that allows predicting whether the patient will be High, Normo or Low responder, depending on the sensitivity of her FSH receptors, and whether the treatment will be more effective with a urinary or recombinant gonadotropin. And all this parameters independently of her ovarian reserve.

The LH genes allow us to know if the addition of the luteinizing hormone can have a positive effect on the stimulation process.

Fertypharm Test helps the fertility specialist to personalize the treatment and to define the best protocol, selecting the most suitable type of FSH and the most effective dose. Additionally, by including the LH marker, it allows the convenience of adding LH to the treatment and thus, providing the best results in the COS.

FSH sensitivity

  • SS – Low response – Higher doses of gonadotropins – Better urinary.
  • NS – Normo response – Medium dose of gonadotropins – Better recombinant.
  • NN – Hyper-response – Low doses of gonadotropins – Indistinctly urinary or recombinant.

LH sensitivity 

  • WW/II – LH does not increase response to FSH treatment.
  • WR/IT – LH increases response to FSH treatment.
  • RR/TT – LH increases response to FSH treatment.

Fertypharm Test reduces the time spent in the search for the ideal protocol for each patient, allowing to customize the hormonal treatment and improving the efficiency of the assisted reproduction treatments. With Fertypharm Test the number of cycles can be optimised and the cost of gonadotropins reduced.

These improvements in the choice of the best treatment reduce the patient’s emotional stress and help provide greater safety and comfort during the assisted reproduction process.

How is the test conducted?

It is only necessary to take a sample of oral epithelium with a swab. The results are obtained within a maximum of 10 days from the receipt of the sample in the laboratory, and then the reproduction specialist will be able to make the most appropriate decision for the ovarian stimulation protocol.

Click here to download the instructions for taking the sample.

As it is a genetic test, the test can be done at any time during the cycle.

Who can have this test?

It is highly recommended that the patients, who are undergoing a controlled ovarian stimulation, do the Fertypharm Test.

All patients who are going to undergo a treatment for COS can use the test, as it allows them to know their pharmacogenetic sensitivity and makes it easier for the gynaecologist to choose the best treatment.

In patients who have undergone previous treatment with unexpected results, or with low ovarian reserve, the test can offer an option to achieve a better result, increasing the chances of success in the assisted reproduction techniques.


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