FertyBiotic Pregnancy® comes in 30 soft gelatin capsule boxes. The intake of 1 capsule a day is recommended. It can be administered during preconception, pregnancy and lactation.

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What are the contents of FertyBiotic Pregnancy®?

The composition we are going to find every one capsule is as follows:

DHA Folic acid Iodine Iron Magnesium Zinc Vitamin D3 Vitamin C Vitamin E
200 mg 400 µg 150 µg 28 mg 56,25 mg 10 mg 5 µg 80 mg 12 mg
Vitamin B3 Vitamin B5 Vitamin B12 Vitamin B6 Vitamin B2 Vitamin B1 Vitamin B8 Lactobacillus rhamnosus Lactobacillus reuteri
16 mg 6 mg 2,5 µg 1,4 mg 1,4 mg 1,1 mg 50 µg 1×109 UFC 1×109 UFC

What is the use of every FertyBiotic Pregnancy® component?


It is an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid of the Omega-3 series. It is fundamental for the adequate work of the adult brain as well as for the development of the nervous system. It intervenes in cognitive, attention, motor and visual skills functions the first six months of life.
Pregnant and lactating women should take and average of 200mg of DHA daily.


It is an essential component of hemoglobin which transports oxygen in the blood throughout the body.
It is a mineral that reduces the probability of risk of anemia.


It is a mineral essential for the synthesis of thyroid hormones, key for the mental development and growth of the fetus.


It’s a mineral involved in the formation of enzymes. It is necessary for the normal work of the immune system and plays a fundamental role in the division and growth of cells.


It helps keep the electric potential of the nerve and muscle cells. It activates the enzymes and the B group vitamins. It is involved in protein synthesis.

B Vitamins

The B group vitamins are fundamental during pregnancy and influence the development of the nervous system and the formation of red blood cells in the fetus.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is involved in the regulation of functions and the reproductive system, and improves implantation rates.

Other vitamins

B1 or Thiamine

It is a soluble in water vitamin that acts as a coenzyme and plays an essential role in the nervous system and the metabolism of macronutrients. Its intake has been related to the control of cramps during pregnancy.

B2 or Riboflavin

It is a water soluble vitamin which takes part in several vital metabolic processes of the organism, for a normal cellular work, growth and production of energy. Riboflavin may prevent low weight in the fetus at birth as well as congenital defects and death.

B3 or Nicotinamide

Increases appetite and intervenes in the absorption of food in the digestive tube. It also helps counteract hyperlipemia as well as hypoglycemia. During pregnancy it increases the need for Niacin.

B6 or Piridoxina

It is important in the metabolism of amino acids and carbohydrates. It plays a fundamental role in the development of the central nervous system and in the formation of hemoglobin-related compounds.
Its intake during pregnancy and lactation prevent neurological and behavioral abnormalities in the neonate.
A reduction in the nausea and vomits during pregnancy has also been observed.

B8 or Biotin

It is administered during pregnancy to prevent the possible appearance of a Biotin deficit. Some of the main symptoms of this deficit are: hair loss, red rashes, depression…

B9 or Folic Acid

It is a water soluble vitamin necessary for the formation of structural proteins and hemoglobin. Its great importance lies in that Folic Acid is essential at the cellular level to synthesize DNA, and the RNA necessary for forming proteins, tissues and other cellular processes.

B12 or Cyanocobalamina

It is essential for the maintenance or the nerve cells and red blood cells. An appropriate intake of B12 avoids the development of pernicious anemia in the baby. It also intervenes in the storage process of Folic Acid, thus contributing in the prevention of fetus malformations. It also prevents defects in the neural tube, delays in the process of Myelin production of the nervous fibers, spontaneous abortions and preeclampsia.

Vitamin C

It is necessary for the tissue growth and repair everywhere in the organism. It is an antioxidant that repairs the negative effects of free radicals. It also intervenes in multiple metabolic processes as well as in the development of teeth and bones.

Vitamin E

It contributes to the normal work of the nervous system and the boost of the fetus’ neurological development. Vitamin E deficit can cause neurological disorders, muscle deterioration and even myocardium disorder.

Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus reuteri

They are naturally present in the vaginal microflora. Administration of both strains has proven to be an improvement in the microbiota, fundamental aspect in order to prevent some pathologies such as vulvovaginitis, vaginosis, preterm birth or urinary tract infections.
Administered during pregnancy, Lactobacilli act modulating the immune response, reducing the risk of certain allergic responses. They also regulate the adherence of proteins, degrade toxins and reduce the possibility of implantation and the negative effect which other opportunistic bacteria provoke.

Why would you take FertyBiotic Pregnancy®?

FertyBiotic Pregnancy® incorporates the best quality ingredients in its composition and in appropriate doses to provide the additional requirements of ideal nutrients for the preconception, pregnancy and breastfeeding.
In addition, it incorporates the probiotics that provide extra benefits to the mother and infant.
Several recent researches have demonstrated that the supplementation with probiotics and DHA (both present in FertyBiotic Pregnancy®) during pregnancy and breastfeeding reduces the risk of the child to develop allergies (eczema, food allergies, etc.)
Furthermore, it has also been demonstrated that the supplementation with probiotics contributes to the maintenance of breastfeeding and not to abandon it. The probiotics reduce the bacterial concentration of Staphylococcus in the breast flora and contribute to the restore of the balance, allowing a more comfortable and healthy breastfeeding, and reducing the rate of recurrence in mastitis (leading medical cause of early and unwanted abandonment of breastfeeding).

How to take FertyBiotic Pregnancy®?

capsula fertybiotic embarazo probioticosTake a capsule a day, preferably before a meal, together with a glass of water (200 ml).

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