Fertypharm is the first laboratory that has incorporated Probiotics in their formulations, acting directly to the improvement of female, male fertility and contributing to the well-being of the mother and the foetus at all stages of pregnancy.

We have placed on the market the first genetic test used to predict the response of the woman to hormonal hyperstimulation. Fertypharm Test, together with other biochemical parameters, allows to adjust the drug dosage and to select the most convenient hormone for each patient.

Our commitment to innovation has allowed us to obtain the Pyme Innovadora (Innovative SME) recognition, granted for the recognition of innovation of Fertypharm, as well as obtaining our product patent.


Fertypharm dedicates all efforts exclusively to the field of fertility. Fertility clinics and patients are our main target. We work together with the professionals working to investigate, develop and commercialize value-added innovative solutions.

Our mission is to provide solutions that improve the results of the fertility centres. We want to contribute with our efforts in the work of the fertility centres in creating life.

First to market

Fertypharm is the first laboratory introducing Probiotics in their formulations.

Hundreds of research studies and publications scientifically support the use of probiotics for numerous purposes, including the improvement of fertility. Fertypharm is a pioneer in the field of fertility and incorporated probiotics in all its formulations from the very beginning of its foundation.
Since our market penetration, new publications continue to appear, which support the key role of the microbiota in reproductive processes.


Fertypharm is committed to quality Meeting the highest quality standards is our main objective. Our complements are pharmaceutical quality manufactured, following the highest standards applied to drugs.

Our production features Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), the highest manufacturing standards, certified by the Ministry of Health and the Spanish Agency of Medicine

Certificado de Cumplimiento de NCF

GMP Certificate

We are fully aware of the sensitivity of the patient with the treatments, and the increase of food allergy. FertyBiotic® is manufactured for diabetic, coeliac and lactose intolerant patients.


Despite the dosage form is similar to the drug administration, the FertyBiotic® line belongs to the category of food supplement, so they are not drugs, but products that complement our normal diet.

Food supplements are used to supplement the normal diet, and they are a concentrated source of nutrients or substances with a nutritional or physiological effect. Food supplements should be taken on a daily dosage basis recommended on the label of the product, and it must not be exceeded.
Food supplements cannot serve as substitutes of a balanced diet.

FertyBiotic® is a full range of food supplements. Our products have no contraindications nor lead to dependence.

The FertyBiotic® range is suitable for diabetic, coeliac and lactose intolerant patients.


FertyBiotic® complies with all the European requirements for the commercialization in the European Economic Community (EEC), and its components are adapted to the maximum required quantities by health authorities.

We are aware of the multinationalism of the fertility problems, so FertyBiotic® is presented in a package with a prospectus in two languages: Spanish and English. In order to facilitate access to our products to European patients.

FertyBiotic® significant value added makes our products be commercialized outside of Spain, with a significant impact in countries out of the EEC.

Human contribution


Contributing to the improvement of reproductive processes, working closely with clinics and fertility centres, with innovative, exclusive and value-added products and services.


We want to be a point of reference in the fertility field and to be recognized as a pharmaceutical company operating exclusively in this sector. Channelling the innovation of the fertility centres to turn new products and solutions into a tangible reality.


We are rigorous, responsible and professional, in order to meet our commitments with clients and society. Quality and innovation are essential to provide solutions tailored to meet the professionals and society needs.

Human team

We are a team of professionals committed to our mission and corporate vision. We understand the assisted reproduction sector contributes meaningfully to creating life in our society. Not without reason, 8.5% of live births in our country are there thanks to the reproduction techniques.

We want to provide our small contribution to the improvement of reproduction in the world and work with clinics and professionals to make people dreams to access maternity and paternity come true.

We are “Passionate about life”.


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