Importance of DHA in male fertility

In humans, EPA is converted into DPA and this is eventually converted into DHA. However, this conversion is very limited in our body.

DHA and its cellular antioxidant role

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DHA acts positively when it comes to promoting the fluidity and permeability of cell membranes.

The effect of dietary supplementation with n-3 PUFAs on the reduction in the production of free radicals in humans and its ability to limit lipoperoxidation is described in the literature.

The antioxidant protective action of DHA is exerted as a remover of reactive oxygen species (ROS) reacting directly with them.

Additionally, through the induction of activation and / or the increase of gene expression of enzymes with antioxidant protective action.

What contributes the DHA to the fertility of the man?

The fertilizing capacity of man is related to the restoration of the antioxidant enzymatic defenses of the spermatozoon mediated by dietary supplementation with DHA.

The presence of DHA in cell membranes is important to maintain the properties of the lipid layer.

Furthermore, the DHA of the sperm membrane is important for the fluidization and flexibility of the sperm and relevant in the success of fertilization.

DHA is the main Omega 3 PUFA found in extremely high levels in man’s ejaculate.

It has been shown that the sperm and seminal plasma of asthenozoospermic individuals have a lower presence of DHA in their membrane.

However, the plasma concentrations of DHA in asthenozoospermic individuals do not present significant differences compared to those of normozoospermic individuals, so it can be understood that some type of disorder or difference in lipid metabolism is present in these individuals.

The DHA deficiency in the membrane affects its fluidity and the most important thing is that it affects the sperm-egg union and therefore its fertilization capacity.

A low presence of DHA in the sperm of oligoastenozoospermic males can be a determining cause of infertility in men.

DHA supplementation provides men with a significant correspondence between this supplementation and the improvement of sperm parameters (count, cell motility, and normal sperm morphology).

Characteristics of the DHA of FertyBiotic® Man

The QUALITYSILVER® technology designed for this formulation protects acids rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids against oxidation.

Up to 13 times more stable than standard oils on the market

The organoleptic and nutritional qualities are preserved

Oil life is guaranteed for 3 years

An effective process to protect sensitive oils rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Another aspect to highlight and of capital importance is the type of fish and the location when obtaining the highest quality oils.

In this case, the DHA included in the FertyBiotic® formulas are extracted from small fish and located in deep waters of the North Atlantic.

No less important is the concentration of DHA, the FertyBiotic® range uses a TG 80 concentration, this is the highest concentration that can be obtained today, and the triglyceride (TG) form guarantees maximum absorption of the active principles.


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